Easier Data Exchange

With this petition all subscribers “driven by the inspiration of a free and fair market” ask kindly all hardware manufacturers and software vendors to either provide Software Development Kits (SDK), format descriptions or executable code that consequently allow to have efficient read and possible write ability of raw and preprocessed (filtered and combined) point cloud formats, and all ancillary data1, in the best case free of charge and easy to license.

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  • ✔️ Service providers can develop tailored, and most importantly, profitable solutions, if data can be effortlessly exchanged between different software solutions
  • ✔️ Robotic multi sensor systems NEED to communicate to be profitable and beneficial
  • ✔️ Profit is simply burned by creating digital boundaries
  • ✔️ Slowing down scientists in research also slows down innovation
  • ✔️ Evolution and progress relies on fair competition amongst different solutions
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